Transit Action Alliance of Guelph, Inc. (TAAG) is a grassroots membership non-profit advocacy organization that campaigns for a transit system that is frequent, accessible, and affordable for all. (Find out more here)

“Transit in Guelph has fallen far behind with riders desperately craving improved service. Becoming a member of TAAG is the most effective way you can help advocate for a brighter transit future for Guelph.”

Why should you support the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph?

As an organization, TAAG will benefit those using public transit by providing:

  • Collective Voice in ensuring that members know their voice is going to be heard by those in charge.
  • Information Sharing by raising awareness about transit issues in Guelph.
  • Focused Campaigns on ways to improve transit infrastructure and service for all riders.
  • Community Building with other like-minded organizations, community groups, transit riders, and regular citizens.

In order to support our work, the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph is offering a number of 2020/2021 membership options below.

E-mail & e-transfer
1. Fill-in the above membership application form
2. Log into your bank account and select to perform an Interac e-transfer
3. E-transfer the appropriate fee to TAAGuelph@gmail.com (see sample below)
4. Send a separate email to TAAGuelph@gmail.com with:
    – An image of the filled-in membership application
    – The answer to the security question (if you don’t use the sample below)
TAAG Interac


Paying by Cheque

1 Fill out the above membership form

2. Make cheques payable to “Transit Action Alliance of Guelph, Inc.” and put “TAAG Membership” in the memo line and mail to:

TAAG Membership

902-53 Speedvale Ave West

Guelph, ON. N1H 1J6

At this time payment via cash are only accepted at Official TAAG Events.

Rather pay monthly or donate one time? Become an ongoing TAAG sustainer with monthly support, a one-time donation or in-kind donation. – Click Here

Have a Question?

Email taaguelph@gmail.com for more information or fill out the form below: