Renew your TAAG Membership today!

Hello TAAG Members,

My name is John Moudakis and I am one of TAAG’s new Directors on the Board. I am working with Board Member, John Marchese in supporting the membership, and in the coming months, we’ll be sending you invitations to several new events and workshops.

Speaking of events, our 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was scheduled for May, but in the interest of safety and our continued adherence to physical distancing, the Board has decided that we will postpone the AGM until 2021. We do not have an exact date at this time, but once this is determined, we will communicate the date and time to you and the details will also be on our website.

We’d like to thank the membership for your support to date. As we move into Year 3 of our existence, we will be delivering some very innovative transit-related content and new educational sessions as well. If you would like to renew your annual membership and be part of our new 2020-21 programs, discussions and networking events, please complete the online form below. If you prefer to pay by cheque, please forward your payment to:

    902-53 Speedvale Ave W
  • Guelph, ON. N1H 1J6

We’re certainly looking forward to meeting our members in the coming months. Feel free to forward this page to your colleagues and friends who might be interested in becoming a member with TAAG. Renewals will be accepted anytime over the next few months until our AGM can be held.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Please stay safe & healthy!

Thanks so much!

How to pay via E-mail & e-transfer:

1. Fill-in the above membership application form

2. Log into your bank account and select to perform an Interac e-transfer

3. E-transfer the appropriate fee to (see sample below)

4. Send a separate email to with:   

– An image of the filled-in membership application  

– The answer to the security question (if you don’t use the sample below)

TAAG Interac


Can be mailed to:

TAAG Memberships

902-53 Speedvale Ave W

Guelph, On. N1H 1J6