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Join the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected at our Annual General Meeting each year.

The Board is made up of up to 15 members of the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph General Membership. Become a member today!

Term: 1 year

Commitment: 2-6 hours a month

Transit Action Alliance of Guelph is a not-for-profit corporation. Its purpose is to advocate for a transit system that is frequent, affordable, and accessible for all.

The group achieves its goals through partnerships with residents, organizations, and businesses to support this work.

The Board of Directors provides governance, leadership, and financial oversight. TAAG is a working board and much of the Board work involves running programs, events, and advocacy.

Directors can be appointed by the Board anytime throughout the year. All directors are voted in at our Annual General Meeting.

Desired qualifications:

  • Team player, including the ability to work collaboratively with others in a context of trust and mutual respect
  • Interest in and awareness of Public Transit issues in Guelph and area
  • Willingness to serve either as an Officer of the Board, and/or the Board’s Working Groups: (i.e. campaigns committee, events committee etc.)
  • Skills including but not limited to one or more of the following areas: transit user, marketing and branding, communications, legal, finance, fundraising and grant writing, urban planning, government relations, strategy and policy development, leadership of volunteer organizations, GIS, organizing and/or managing events.
  • Free of conflict of interest issues

What directors are expected to do:

  • Prepare for and attend monthly meetings of the Board, including any special meetings
  • Prepare for and attend the TAAG Annual General meeting
  • Support and participate in TAAG activities and events
  • Be a member of TAAG in good standing

Benefits of serving on the Board of Directors:

  • Being a positive force for increasing modal share for transit in Guelph
  • Creating a positive culture around public transit in Guelph
  • Being part of a worldwide change in culture around more sustainable modes of transportation including integration with active transportation such as biking
  • Contribute to big picture planning and strategic development

If interested in becoming a member of the board, click here or email us at