The City of Guelph is seeking proposals from qualified engineering firms to provide a report on implementing Transit Signal Priority Measures along a section of Gordon Street in the City of Guelph.

The objective of this study is to confirm whether the implementation of Transit Signal Priority measures along a section of Gordon Street is a viable option in the City of Guelph to improve transit travel times and increase on-time route performance.

These measures could include dedicated transit only signal phasing, transit signal phasing at queue jump lanes at intersections, or any other measures that could benefit transit operation in the City.

The study area will focus on the Gordon Street corridor between Waterloo Avenue and Poppy Drive. This section of Gordon Street is classified as an arterial road with lane configurations varying between two and four lanes.

The City of Guelph is in the draft stage of completing a Transportation Master Plan update. This draft update currently proposes key transit corridors throughout the City. Some of these transit corridors are:

  • Woolwich/Norfolk/Gordon between Woodlawn Road and Poppy Drive
  • Stone Road between the Hanlon Expressway and Victoria Road
  • Woodlawn Road between Silvercreek Boulevard and Victoria Road
  • Speedvale Avenue between Elmira Road and Victoria Road

The project is expected to be completed with a final report by September 2021.

Map of Study Area

More Resources:

Learn about Transit Priority Measures and how the City can give Transit priority over traffic

Learn about how Integrated Multimodal Networks work by watching our webinar

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