Dining District in Summer 2020

From I wasn’t sure I was feeling angry enough to tap out a column this week, but then the mayor decided to tweet about this summer’s patio program.

To be fair, I don’t fault Mayor Cam Guthrie for his excitement. One cannot deny that last summer’s dining district was, for the most part, a success, and there’s more than a little excitement about its return.

But there was one aspect of last summer’s pilot that no one was willing to talk about, and it’s the aspect that will get hit again if the mayor successfully uses his social media bully pulpit to get his way.

Let’s rewind for a minute. At Committee of the Whole in March, city councillors will hear about a staff plan to implement a more permanent program similar to last summer’s dining district. It will be more or less the same, but staff are recommending that the roads only be completely closed for special events. Otherwise, traffic will continue to flow freely at the Macdonell/Wyndham intersection.

It seems like a fair compromise since there were many downtown…Continue to read this column by clicking here.

If you use Guelph Transit and/or went through transit issues last summer with the detours, tell us your story! We have collected a half dozen stories so far and we need to hear yours so we can tell City Council why keeping transit moving is important.

Go to and fill out the contact form!

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