The Transit Action Alliance of Guelph (TAAG) has launched a new monthly webinar series called “Learn about Transit”. The first webinar was held on February 16th. The topic was On-Demand Transit: The Belleville Experience with special guest Paul Buck, Manager of Transit Operations for the City of Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

Please see the video below for the full webinar and Q/A after. (Please note that there was a technical issue with the slides and some slides were missed while Paul was talking.)

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To learn more about the On-Demand Transit in Belleville, please go to the City of Belleville website here.

Belleville’s Transit Manger Touts On-Demand Transit Experience

Via On-demand transit is coming to Guelph this spring, and that may sound scary for people who take transit because they’re not generally predisposed to accepting change. On Tuesday night, the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph (TAAG) hosted a webinar with Paul Buck, the Manager of Transit Operations for the City Belleville. His town has instituted a transit on-demand option, and he thinks it works pretty well.

“It has been quite the project launching on-demand transit, and the public response was is far better than we’ve ever anticipated. It’s really been pretty great,” Buck said to the over a dozen people taking part in TAAG’s webinar.

Long story short, Belleville was able to develop an on-demand transit option, along with….CONTINUE TO READ THE ARTICLE ON GUELPHPOLITICO.CA HERE

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