The Transit Action Alliance of Guelph (TAAG) welcomes today’s announcement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the federal government will be investing $14.9 billion for public transit projects over the next eight years, but continues to call on the government to also provide dedicated, permanent federal funding for operational expenses.  

This stable funding will help municipalities with their public transit infrastructure projects, including the purchase of zero-emission vehicles which will lower emissions and help combat climate change. 

“This funding is a productive step forward for public transit in Guelph. It will be very important to have Reliable public transit as part of Guelph’s recovery from COVID-19, and the announcement made today will help ensure that with public transit infrastructure projects in our city,” said Steven Petric, a Chair of Transit Action Alliance of Guelph.

Over the past year, TAAG’s Board of Directors and its membership worked hard to urge the Prime Minister and the federal government to “Keep Transit Moving” by investing in public transit.

TAAG is committed to working with our Keep Transit Moving Coalition partners in advocating for permanent federal funding for public transit operations in Canada. 

Public transit systems nationwide are still facing massive revenue shortfalls due to pandemic-related ridership declines, and will still need help in the months ahead.

The Transit Action Alliance of Guelph will continue to advocate for permanent operational funding from the federal government so that public transit in Guelph can be frequent, affordable, and accessible for all. 

For more information, contact us at taaguelph@gmail.com

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