The proposal on the table is the have 3 specific routes run from Guelph Central to Waterloo Region. The Expansions are included in budget forecast for 2023 but may be delayed due to pandemic.

We say they should not be delayed! It should be moved up to help rebuild our local economies hurt by COVID-19.

Two-way, all day GO Service is suppose to be ready for 2025, however, the pandemic is making this less likely. With no reassurances and actual plan from the Province, this is a great opportunity to connect Guelph to Waterloo Region helping us grow our local economies after COVID19, take cars off the road to meet our climate goals, and give access to students to live in Guelph and attend on of the Universities or Conestoga College.

It will open so many opportunities for so many people in not just Guelph but also Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and area.

TAAG Recommends to Council:

  1. Direct Staff to also talk to GO about them running the service to help build demand for future train use. (We understand that is also GRT (Grand River Transit) position)
  2. Talk to GRT and see what type of partnership with Guelph Transit could be made if Option 1 does not materialize.
  3. Select only 1 of the options (Guelph to LRT) proposed by Staff and delay the remainder for future consideration and/or pending news on Recommendation 1 and 2 and/or All Day, 2 way GO Trains.

Media Reports:

Guelph Today

Waterloo Region Record

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