This is an historic year that everyone will remember in their lifetime just as past generations have experienced two world wars, a depression, and many other events.

It is a year of turmoil which will affect many businesses, family life, charities…well pretty much everyone!

Amid the turmoil, transit continues to function. It is essential for our community – for every community.

It brings essential workers to work, it allows people to access food and medical care, and it connects our community with each other.

Our group has not stopped working on advocating for transit and transit users since COVID19 started. Our work continues through things like the National Call for Emergency Transit Funding (, joining a national coalition of groups to discuss what will public transit look like after Covid19 and how we can protect it from cuts and more.

Until the pandemic subsides, many other items are on pause or delayed. Projects like workshops on Transit Planning, designing a sample Frequent Transit Network, our popular Transit Pub Night, plus our Annual General Meeting, and so much more. There is also our advocacy for the City of Guelph Transportation Master Plan and things like Transit Priority Measures plus the Guelph Transit Business Service Review implementation and what the future of Guelph Transit will look like.

Much of this will again commence in either digital form or once COVID19 subsides.

The future of transit is at a crossroads.

Will there be transit cuts? Will there be less service? Will there be less riders? higher fares? Will people come back to transit quickly, slowly or never again? How can we build a better transit system during and after COVID19?

With all of those questions and so much more, we really need your help!

We are looking for new members, businesses, non profits, and/or volunteers ( to join us in our advocacy for better transit. The more voices together, the better!!

We also need people to lead. Our Board of Directors steers the ship and works to achieve its goals. Your leadership as a member, Board Director, or Volunteer will help in Guelph getting a truly frequent, affordable, and accessible transit network.

We also hope you will consider a small donation to help us to advance our goals ( It does not have to be a lot. As a small non profit advocacy group, your entire amount goes toward the work we do. We have lots of projects and advocacy work but we need your support in anyway you can offer to get them done!

Yes, times are difficult, especially now, but as transit supporters and users your help would be so greatly appreciated. Please consider becoming a member or donating.

Thank you!!!

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