Kingston’s Transit High School Bus Pass Program now accounts for 10 per cent of ridership

By: Anam Khan of Guelph Today

Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie announced last week that he wants free transit for high school students and children under 13.

Three hours north, the City of Kingston has had such a program for almost eight years, and it’s thriving.

Given the similarities of the two cities (Kingston’s population is 136,000) there is a lot Guelph can learn from Kingston’s Free Secondary School Transit Program.

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“A lot of what they’re doing in Kingston is really what we want in Guelph but it’s really about getting used to using transit and using cars less,” says Steven Petric, chair of the local transit advocacy group Transit Action Alliance of Guelph.

In 2012, Kingston City Council implemented a pilot project that gave each Grade 9 student a fully-subsidized transit pass. One grade was added each subsequent year until all high schoolers had a free pass.

The project is a partnership between..keep reading What Guelph can learn from Kingston’s free bus program for youth by clicking here,

Join us on Saturday, February 22nd to talk about how we can advocate for free transit for kids and teens!

Click here for more information!

Join us on Saturday, February 22nd at 12:00 pm at Planet Bean in Downtown Guelph!

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