Editorial from The Queens Journal (Queens University, Kingston, Ontario) February, 11th 2020.

In order to make public transportation a truly public service, cities across North America should eliminate rider fare. 

recent New York Times article explored the conversation happening in several American cities around waiving fare on public buses. The idea, which is gaining traction in US cities, has had tangible effects: the mayor of Lawrence, Mass., has implemented a two-year pilot eliminating the fare on the city’s buses with promising results.  

Effective public transportation is a basic need. It enables people to get to grocery stores to buy their food, and it allows them to pursue employment opportunities outside walking distance of their homes. Free public transit would be a positive step towards providing people with equal access to mobility within the area they live. 

The fees collected from commuters don’t pay…..Continue reading Free public transportation could get cities further by clicking here.

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