This week in‘s Market Squared, Adam Donaldson bursts your bubble. Again. This time about last week’s celebratory announcement of electric buses.

I approached last Thursday’s funding announcement at Guelph Transit HQ with a higher than normal amount of skepticism, and very little in terms of expectation that the news released there would immediately change our rough transit picture here in the Royal City.

I was right.

In a few years maybe the $74 million invested by the federal and provincial government, plus the other $104 million from the city, will result in a transit Shangri La, but transit users on the bus today would just settle for a system that says the bus will be at the stop at the posted time and deliver you downtown in time to make your transfer.

The announced funds will go to 35 electric buses that will replace current diesel buses, plus an additional 30 buses, and funds that will go to construct a new bus storage….Continue reading the article on by clicking here.

As Guelph Transit transitions to an all-electric bus fleet, the potential to reduce GHG emissions will be even greater by 2040. It is now more important then ever that we develop a bold ridership growth strategy. Get on board with you transit advocacy group and help get Guelph back on track with frequent, affordable, and accessible transit. Click here!

Good transit means looking at the entire network as a whole, not just each individual route! Demand better from Guelph Transit. Help us show Guelph Transit and City Council it is time to drop the status quo and be bold!

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