Are you a bus rider, part of a local non profit group, or a local business that is wants to see improved local and regional transit for Guelph?

Consider becoming a member of the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph!

Together, we work to bring a collective voice to transit issues and advocate for transit that is frequent, affordable, and accessible for all. Find our more at

If you or if you know someone who is part of one of the below groups, please contact us via email or sign up as a member at

• Bus riders 

• Chambers of commerce 

• Economic development organizations 

• Job training and workforce development providers 

• Social service organizations 

• Service providers and advocates for elderly individuals 

• Advocates for individuals with disabilities 

• Faith-based community organizations

• Social justice organizations and advocates

• Immigrant and minority service organizations 

• Neighborhood associations 

• Business improvement districts

• Environmental advocates 

• Smart growth advocates 

• Real estate developers

• Realtors and realty associations

• Universities / Colleges

• Hospitals 

• Large employers 

• Other major institutions 

• Bicycle advocates and organizations 

• Pedestrian and safe streets advocates

• Unions 

• Uber, Lyft, and other new transportation providers 

• Student and youth organizations

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