This holiday season, we encourage you to make public transportation part of your celebration!

All year long, public transit helps millions of Canadians get where they want to go. To work and school. To gatherings of family and friends. To doctor’s appointments, shopping, sports events, and more.

Public transit helps our communities and nation as well. It supports job creation, economic growth, environmental protection, and so much more. So, let’s make transit part of our celebration. Here are five ideas to get started:

  1. Celebrate Safety—Let others know that travelling by public transportation is 10x safer per mile than travelling by automobile. Stay safe yourself by riding transit to holiday parties.
  2. Gift Fare Cards—Prepaid fare cards—available on many transit systems around the country—make it easy to ride. Celebrate transit by including fare cards, bus tickets or day passes as stocking stuffers or donating fare cards to local charitable organizations.
  3. Reach Out with Transit—Public transit makes our community stronger by bringing people and communities together. This holiday season, invite a friend or family member who lives alone to take transit with you to a musical performance, holiday gathering, or other event in Guelph.
  4. Save Energy—In the winter months, you may be using more energy to heat your home. But you can save energy and money—and help the environment—by riding transit. It’s another good reason to celebrate public transportation.
  5. Shop Locally via Transit—Public transit gives a boost to local businesses by creating connections with customers and employees. Celebrate transit’s economic impact in your community by riding to one of our local shopping districts like Downtown Guelph to hunt for perfect gifts for your family and friends.

Help Hints to using transit this holiday season!

Holiday Schedule for Guelph Transit from December 24th to January 1st, 2020.

Free New Year’s Eve Service for Guelph Transit

Free New Year’s Eve Service on GO Transit

Where to buy tickets and passes

Share Your Ideas for Celebrating Transit

How are you celebrating transit? Let everyone know what you’re doing to make public transportation part of your holiday celebration by posting on our Facebook Page or Twitter Page!

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