Northbound lanes between Kortright Road and South Ring Road to be transformed into “transit priority corridor” from October 19-23, 2019

Share your feedback about the transit priority corridor and temporary bus-only lane on Gordon Street from October 19 to the 23 at

The City of Guelph is exploring ways to achieve the Community Plan vision to prioritize transit in Guelph, and is asking for community input to help guide the Transportation Master Plan.

From October 19th to the 23rd, the northbound lanes on Gordon Street between Kortright Road West and South Ring Road will be temporarily transformed into a “transit priority corridor”: a safe, accessible, and sustainable road design that accommodates all modes of transportation while prioritizing public transit.

Find out more about different Transit Priority Measures the city should consider

A temporary dedicated bus-only lane will replace the right-hand curb lane on the northbound side of the street to allow for more efficient transit service. Motorists will be able to use the left-hand lane as usual, and the bike lane will still be accessible to cyclists.

Only Guelph Transit vehicles will be permitted in the bus-only lane, and emergency vehicles responding to a call will continue to travel in the left-hand lane. In the event that an emergency vehicle approaches from behind, motorists will be asked to move to the right and may temporarily enter the bus-only lane until the emergency vehicle has passed. Traffic barrels will be placed along the lane to indicate the bus-only lane. There will be signs and a gap in the traffic barrels to indicate where people entering or exiting properties or side streets should merge out of the bus-only lane.

The City of Guelph is asking for community feedback about the temporary bus-only lane on Gordon Street from October 19-23 at

Map of area

Map of the area for the Gordon Street temporary bus-only lane

We support giving transit a path around congestion. This section of Gordon brings more people by bus at peak times then by car. While we support other Transit Priority Measures over this one first, we believe this is a great showcase for why a bus with 60 people in it should be given priority of 1 car with 1 person in it.


City of Guelph Transportation Master Plan
Moving Guelph forward with your input: join the conversation to help guide Guelph’s Transportation Master Plan (news release)
Temporary protected bike lane coming to Woolwich Street, September 13-20 (news release)

For more information contact:

Jennifer Juste
Manager, Transportation Planning
519-822-1260 extension 2275

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