Province has nominated projects for federal infrastructure program worth $171 million dollars over eight years

In a news release on Friday, August 16th, it was announced that five projects from Guelph, which will cost approximately $171 million over eight years, were being nominated by the province for the public transit stream of the federal government’s Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, a 10-year $144-billion investment plan.

Below is a summary of the five projects:

A new transit facility

The construction of a new Guelph Transit facility at 110 Dunlop St.

The new building would be able to accommodate the infrastructure needed for charging stations for the transition of the city’s bus fleet to electric vehicles as well as storage of the growing bus fleet. The current facility is already at maximum levels. It would also house Guelph Transit’s administration offices.

A study to electrify the bus fleet

The city will conduct a study and review of electrifying the city’s bus fleet as well as purchasing 35 replacement diesel-powered transit buses with electric ones, along with installing the initial charging infrastructure needed for those 35 buses.

More buses – More Frequency

Guelph Transit will purchase 30 new buses in order to increase frequency on the network. We do not know where those buses will be deployed as that information was not provided. The City will conduct a Transit Master Plan in 2020 to figure out where buses go and how frequent. Help us bring frequency freedom to more people in Guelph.

Improvements to Guelph Central Station

There are plans to upgrade Guelph Central Station to include a free-standing structure that would have a public waiting area(s) and washrooms along with a private area for staff with a lunch room, washrooms and areas for supervisors and other support staff. It is unknown if there will be a Customer Service desk included nor have the construction plans and layout of the structure been made public.

Protected bike lanes

The construction of 13 kilometres of protected on-road cycling lanes.

The funding breakdown is as follows:

Federal funding share: $45.5 million

Provincial funding share: $37.93 million

Development charges: $47.7 million

Municipal funding share: $40 million

Help us keep the province, federal government and City Hall accountable to this funding! Click here

Become a member today and take action with transit in Guelph!

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