Guelph Transit is making some minor changes to the transit system, starting September 1, as part of their ongoing effort to improve the service for riders.

These changes include introducing a new express route, discontinuing a charter and under performing route, increasing service frequency on two routes, changing three platform locations, and making improvements to the CSA – University of Guelph’s late night service.

New route

  • 59 U Gordon Express: This new express route will operate between Heritage Drive and University Centre every 20 minutes; northbound stops in the morning and southbound stops in the afternoon.

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Discontinued routes

  • 41 Downtown-University Express is discontinued. They suggest taking the 99 Mainline bus instead.
  • ARC Industries charter is discontinued. They suggest riders take 17 Woodlawn Watson or 18 Watson Woodlawn. You can make connections to this bus at Walmart North, at the University Centre or anywhere along the route.

Route frequency

  • 11 Willow and 14 Grange will restore weekday evening service after 8:45 p.m. back to every 30 minutes instead of every 40 minutes.


  • 9 Waterloo will take over platform 6 from the now cancelled Route 41 at Guelph Central Station. This will make transferring much easier for those riders.
  • 17 Woodlawn Watson and 18 Watson Woodlawn will now use platforms 6 and 7 at the University Centre.

Late night service

  • New Tuesday and Wednesday weekday service will run every 60 minutes for Victoria Clair and West Hanlon Kortright loops.
  • Late night Sunday service will have route changes with increased service in south end that is every 30 minutes.

For students attending or returning to the University of Guelph this fall, service resumes on the university routes as of September 3.

Visit for all the route schedules, maps, and trip planning. You can also use Google Maps on your phone or computer.

Printed route schedules and maps are always available at Guelph City Hall, Guelph Civic Museum, Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, West End Community Centre and the Victoria Road Recreation Centre.

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