The City of Guelph is currently developing a Community Plan.

There is a section about Transportation, covering transit, cycling, and walking. The Draft version of this report is now available for comments. Below is the Transit vision:

“We move around freely”. Transit is a priority to Guelphites. People in our community want us to facilitate easy movement in and around our city and our region. Learn more at

via City of Guelph Facebook page.

So let’s have a discussion!

As the title says, this document is a discussion paper. So here are a few questions to start the conversation especially on transit.

1. Is this Guelph? Does the themes, directions, goals and even the language in this report feel like Guelph? If not, what’s missing?

2. What should the city do first? This is a big plan with more aspirations than can happen at once. Where do you think the City of Guelph should start? What would give the City the greatest benefit for our community? Pick a direction or goal from the paper you think the City should target first. Or let the City know if there is something they missed.

3. Thinking of your top priority or where you think we should start—how will we know when we’ve achieved that aspiration? What would real positive change look like to you?

4. What would you be willing to contribute, to commit to? For this plan’s aspirations to be realized, we’ll all have to work together because it’s bigger than any one individual or organization.

Where’s your passion? Where would you want to help? To lead? You can share your thoughts with the City in two ways:

1. Online at

2. By email to

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