Buses need to be given a path around congestion

“I’ve been waiting 15 minutes for the bus to show and two showed up at the same time.”

This phenomenon is known as “bus bunching,” It’s a problem that has been afflicting transit systems around the world for decades.

Bus bunching is very annoying for riders, especially in winter, since it increases the average time spent waiting for the bus.

Bunching also makes our system much less reliable, because it causes buses to get off their schedule. These long waits can also cause people to shift away from transit to less sustainable modes of transportation.

Bus bunching occurs because bus routes are characteristically volatile. When a bus is running on time, everything appears to work fine, travelling from bus stop to stop, waiting at each for passengers to enter or exit. However, once a bus gets behind schedule, it’s almost impossible to get it back on track. It’ll continue to get further behind schedule until the next bus behind it catches up.

Guelph Transit’s 99 Mainline runs every 10 minutes. Let’s say one…Continue Reading Article on Guelph Mercury Tribune website.

Photo Credit: NACTO

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