Photo Credit: Guelph Transit Twitter @guelphtransit

Recently General Manager of Guelph Transit Robin Gerus sat down with Adam Donaldson of Guelph Politico to talk about Transit in Guelph and what we can expect in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Have a listen to the GUELPH POLITICAST #169 with Robin Gerus, GM of Guelph Transit.

While TAAG does support many of the proposed improvements, we believe establishing a general goal/vision of what transit should/could be for Guelph (see this blog post on should be determined first before tinkering with routes. This would not take a year to complete as it is only a general direction and could be done in mere weeks. It could even been done while still working to make these proposed improvements come true! The Transit Growth Strategy can then look at the “big” picture and look at expansions and how it all fits into the entire network.

If you’d like your voice to be heard on transit matters in Guelph and beyond, consider joining TAAG! We advocate for a transit system that is frequent, affordable, and accessible for all.

“Transit in Guelph has fallen far behind with riders desperately craving improved service. Becoming a member of TAAG is the most effective way you can help advocate for a brighter transit future for Guelph.”

Why should you support the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph?

As an organization, TAAG will benefit those using public transit by providing:

  • Collective Voice in ensuring that members know their voice is going to be heard by those in charge.
  • Information Sharing by raising awareness about transit issues in Guelph.
  • Focused Campaigns on ways to improve transit infrastructure and service for all riders.
  • Community Building with other like-minded organizations, community groups, transit riders, and regular citizens.


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