The Transit Action Alliance of Guelph invited members of Guelph City Council and the Mayor to take a ride on Guelph Transit with members of TAAG.

The goal was to take members of Guelph City Council for a mini tour of Guelph Transit along the 99 Mainline, stopping at Guelph Central Station, the University Centre, and Clair at Gordon. We would talk about the various challenges riders face and the many opportunities to improve and grow Guelph Transit.

Ward 2 Councillor Rodrigo Goller took the ride with us on Saturday, March 23rd. Ward 6 Councillor Mark MacKinnon joined us for a morning ride on Friday, March 29th while Ward 5 Councillor Cathy Downer joined us in the afternoon on the same day.

The conversations and experience was appreciated by all those who attended.

TAAG will be sending out another invite to the Councillors who did not take this unique journey to either join us on the bus or stop by for a coffee and chat downtown.

See below for coverage of our Tag along with TAAG event. Help us advocate for a transit system that is frequent, affordable, and accessible for all. Join us as a member at

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