The following is a letter that TAAG sent to the City regarding the 2019 Capital Budget and Forecast.

January 11th, 2019

Re: City of Guelph 2019 Capital Budget and Forecast

The Transit Action Alliance of Guelph (TAAG) is a broad based, non-profit community organization, made up of local individuals and groups who believe public transit is vital for the livability of Guelph and are willing to advocate for a public transportation system that is frequent, accessible, and affordable for all in this city.

We are writing today to offer our comments on the 2019 City of Guelph Capital Budget and Forecast.

Building transit is a crucial and strategic investment that will help Guelph reach ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, grow our economic centres, and build walkable, transit-focused communities with a mix of housing and proximity to jobs and amenities.

TAAG is in support of the measures being taken in the 2019 Capital Budget and Forecast regarding investment in transit facilities and infrastructure.

We are encouraged by the long-term investments in upgrading and expanding transit facilities, infrastructure, routes, and technology. Upgrades to transit facilities, such as Guelph Centre Station, digital signage, and enclosed shelters, will make the system friendlier to users. The expansion of routes to cover areas such as the Hanlon Creek Business Park will help grow our economy, and the addition of shelters and concrete pads at more bus stops will make it easier for riders to access transit.

TAAG looks forward the implementation of these investments contingent on the results of the Transit Business Service Review.

In addition, we encourage the City of Guelph to be more open about future plans for Transit. We recommend that Guelph Transit develop a publically accessible business plan that outlines detailed future growth activities, such as route expansions, and their investments over the next decade. By doing so, this shows accountability to the public, allows transit users to see what improvements are planned, and helps City Council keep Guelph Transit on track.

On behalf of the members of the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph, We thank you for taking the time to read our comments and suggestions.”

You can find the Capital Budget and Forecast, including all transit related investments, by clicking here.

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