Resources for Transit Users of Guelph

Looking for public transit-related resources? You’ll find them below. We will post links to City of Guelph reports, blogs with frequent public transit related items, and even public transit-related research to inform and educate. We will update with more links throughout the coming weeks and months at

System Map and Route Maps

The 2017 route realignment is now up & running. You may need to plan out new routes to get to where you want to go. To help see how the new and adjusted routes (and the unchanged routes) connect with one another, have a look at the new overall system map. (PDF) You can find all the routes and schedules online by clicking here.

Real Time Tracker

It is recommended that you download Google Transit App onto your phone for Live Real-Time Information. You can find the Google Maps App in the Android App Store and the Apple Store.

Guelph Transit currently provides real-time transit tracking through the third-party developers, Google Transit. This initiative provides GPS information for bus locations on individual routes throughout Guelph. Real-time transit tracking will allow customers to see the location of their bus in real time and see how many minutes until the next bus arrives, which will limit wait times at bus stops.

With Google Transit you can create customized route maps without having to sort through schedules. Guelph Transit updates the necessary data as required, ensuring our customers have accurate information available.

Google Transit will also:

1) Provide walking directions to the nearest stop
2) Allow you to find your destination based on landmarks or place names rather than an address
3) Google allows you to use “street view” to see what your departure or arrival destination actually looks like
4) Allows you to select a departure or arrival destination based on nearest intersection rather than address.
5) Real-time transit tracking through Google Transit can result in better trip planning, less wait times and fewer missed connections.

Download Google Maps from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today.

Planning your trip on the Google Maps Website, Guelph Transit provides this trip planning guide.

Guelph Transit is currently working on developing its own Mobile/Desktop Real-time Transit pages aimed to be launched sometime in 2019.

Transit Problem

If you have had a problem with the Guelph Transit system, report it by email or by phoning them, at 519-822-1811.

Useful information to include in your report are:

  • day of the incident
  • time of the incident
  • three to four-digit bus number
  • route number and name (e.g. 8 Stone Road Mall)
  • the direction of the bus (e.g. northbound)

Any additional bit of information you can provide Guelph Transit in your comments is helpful.

They currently do not have a dedicated page to respond to their customers or after hours responses.

Also, consider participating in the City of Guelph Have your say process, to have more input into transit programs and services.

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