We know that great public transit makes life good. However, today public transit is facing critical challenges.

On the one hand, our transit system has never been stronger. In Guelph, ridership is at record levels this year and we expect demands will continue to grow. Our future continues to look bright.

Yet, in order to meet these increasing demands, the City of Guelph must continue to invest in the necessary infrastructure and operations required to maintain and expand our transit system to meet future needs. This will take additional investment by our local government in partnership with provincial and federal governments.

We understand the vital role that public transportation plays in our community — providing opportunities for people from every part of our community to get to jobs or visit family; contributing to economic development; saving energy; reducing pollution; and alleviating traffic.

That is why we are inviting you to become a member of a new community non-profit group that has been formed to promote greater awareness and support for public transportation in our community and among our local, provincial, and federal officials. The group is called the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph (TAAG). We encourage you and/or your group to sign up as a member; there is a small financial obligation to participate to help us achieve our goals for a better transit system for our city.

We look forward to the prospect of working with you on this important issue.

The Transit Action Alliance Guelph, Inc. Steering Committee